A guide to bulk carrier operations

B O E K B E S P R E K I N G By : Frank NEYTS

The Nautical Institute recently published “A guide to bulk carrier operations”.

Bulk carriers are the workhorses of international maritime trade. Those working both on them and with them need to understand and manage significant risks inherent to the dry bulk trade. Certain cargoes can deplete oxygen, catch fire, explode, corrode holds or simply deteriorate. At terminals, ships may be pressurized to accept cargoes that are too hot or too wet, which could endanger the vessel and its crew.

This highly practical guide draws on the expertise of more than 20 contributing authors. The book takes the reader through the essentials at each stage of the voyage, from preparation and loading, to care of cargo and ship at sea, and finally arrival and discharge.

Subjects covered include strength and stability, hatch cover care, enclosed spaces, charterparties, legislation, draught surveys, deballasting, monitoring hazardous cargoes, spontaneous combustion, fumigation, coal fires, liquefaction and oxygen-depletion, safe mooring and access, ship-shore communication and ship/shore damage.
A guide to bulk carrier operations” (ISBN 978-1-906915-77-3), counts 152 pages, is issued as a softback. The book can be bought from the better bookshop, or one can contact The Nautical Institute, 202 Lambeth Road, London, SE1 7LQ, UK. Tel. +44.(0)20.7928.1351, Fax +44.(0)20.7401.2817, , Web:




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