Ocean Fleets

B O O K R E V I E W by : Frank NEYTS

Recently Coastal Shipping Publications published a new title “Ocean Fleets”, written by Allan Ryszka-Onions. ‘Ocean Fleets’ is the new name for what was intended to be the 18th edition of ‘Ocean Ships’, a series that has charted the changing European shipping scene for over 50 years. Apart from the name change brought about as a result of change of publisher, little else has changed. This new book retains the format of recent editions of ‘Ocean Ships’, and is again in two sections, the first providing details of the major cruise ships operating world-wide and the second, the fleets of major shipping companies operating deep-sea routes to major European ports. As previously IMO numbers, expanded vessel descriptions and cargo capacities have been retained. Allan Ryszka-Onions was born far from the sea in Wolverhampton. After graduating he moved to Southampton, and followed his interest in shipping. He has written many articles for Ships Monthly; and the last two editions of ‘Ocean Ships’.

Like all books issued by Coastal Shipping Publications, value for money!

Ocean Fleets (ISBN 978-1-913797-00-3) is a hardback book of 400 pages, lavishly illustrated (150 colour photopgraphs). The price is £30.00 plus £1.50 UK postage and £3.00 overseas postage. Ordering via all good bookshops, or directly via the publisher, Coastal Shipping, 400 Nore Road, Portishead, Bristol BS20 8EZ, UK. Tel/Fax: +44(0)1275.846178,, e-mail: Alternatively it can be purchased at all good bookshops.




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