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Tankers adopt Clean Marine’s exhaust gas cleaning solution

Exhaust gas cleaning systems (EGS) developer and supplier, Clean Marine, has won some significant orders in the tanker and gas carrier segments, since the company was founded in 2006.

For example, systems have been fitted on board two MRs built at Hyundai for long term charter to BP. These have seven exhaust sources each. In addition, two chemical tankers from Hudong-Zhonghua for Stolt-Nielsen will also be fitted with seven exhaust sources, while two shuttle tankers built at Samsung for AET on the back of 10-year Statoil charters, are fitted with 10 exhaust sources each and one VLGC also built at Hyundai for Dorian has five exhaust sources.

In addition to the tankers, systems have been installed on board a Handysize bulker and two reefers.

Both the MRs and chemical tankers’ exhaust sources include one main engine, three auxiliaries, two boilers and one composite boiler, while the larger shuttle tankers sources include two main engines, five auxiliaries, two oil fired boilers and one donkey boiler each.

For the tanker market, Clean Marine’s Allstream technology is the recommended system whereby all the exhaust sources  are cleaned by one scrubber. At a recent presentation in Oslo, the company’s chief sales & marketing officer, Frode Helland­Evebo, explained some of features and benefits of the system.

He said that all the exhaust streams are cleaned with a single scrubber, which he claimed was a cost efficient solution for vessels with many exhaust sources and was easy to install.

Hybrid System

The system is a hybrid, which means it is able to switch between an open and closed loop operation. The closed loop method can be used in areas where discharge at sea is banned. Helland-Evebo said the technology was unique in that the pressure is maintained at the desired level at various exhaust loads and ensures no back pressure to engines and boilers.

It can operate efficiently in all types of seawater, as an adjustable injection of NaOH can be made according to the alkanility of the seawater in which the vessel is sailing. Finally, he said that it was a scalable and flexible system, which could be developed according to the highest practical ship exhaust load and a system can be installed on a vessel at the newbuilding stage or retrofitted.

He gave an example of a Suezmax on worldwide operation with a $250 per tonne fuel spread, where the cost of MGO, compared to HSFO, gave a fuel cost of $2.5 mill per year. The cost of  an EGCS is around $3 mill, which includes the installation, with a payback time of 1.2 years.

The value of Allstream fitted to a tanker was estimated at between $1.5-$4 mill per year for an operator, while for the boilers the value was estimated at $2 mill to $4.2 mill over five years.
For NOx Tier III applications, in the future it could be possible to fit an EGR/SCR plus an EGCS. The SCRs may be fitted in series with the EGCS (SCR after the auxiliary and the EGCS after the SCR). The only concerns were back pressure issues and ammonia slips.

However, he explained that, Clean Marine’s EGCS do not create any back pressure due to the fan’s configuration and as for the ammonia slip, this will be taken care of by the scrubber process in general.

Strategic alliance

Clean Marine has signed a strategic alliance with Hyundai Global Service and has a global agency, on site managers, fabrication and service network. The company will mainly undertake the design in-house, as well as the engineering and sourcing. The fabrication is fully outsourced and the equipment is assembled at the shipyard. The installation and commissioning will be supervised by company personnel on site.

The company’s main shareholders include Klaveness Invest (21%), Smedvig Capital (38%) and Bjarne Rieber Group (34%).



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