Euronav tanker goes live with Sertica

Euronav has converted its first vessel to Sertica software.

The software will be rolled out across Euronav’s fleet of more than 50 vessels, which is expected to be completed in four months.

Euronav has offices in both Antwerp and Athens. The tankers are managed from the Athens office whereas the FSO and VPLUS vessels are managed from Antwerp. It is therefore essential that Sertica can be operated from both offices without any problems.

Rudi Vander Eyken, Euronav’s Group IT manager, said, “It is our ambition to be in greater control of our processes by creating an overview of the entire fleet in Sertica. We follow an ambitious project plan and on top of this, we have just added six additional vessels acquired recently. However, converting to Sertica on the first vessel has been very efficient, so I am confident that Sertica is live on all vessels in four months as planned.”

As Euronav is expanding and adding vessels on a regular basis, they need to control internal processes centrally. To align these processes, the tanker company is using the newly developed Master Data Management module, which allows the company to administrate data on jobs, spare parts, documentation and components.

Rasmus Hansen, Head of Projects at Logimatic says, “Administrating procurement of spare parts centrally, makes it possible for Euronav to use one central item list for all vessels. With the full package of Sertica fleet management system, Euronav ensures easy reporting and efficient communication between the office and vessels.”

Maria Roussou, Technical Superintendent at Euronav, added, “Today, the seafarers must comply with regulations, follow specific processes and deliver reports. To do this, they need a simple tool for reporting and for gathering all this data. Luckily, Sertica is a user-friendly system, so the seafarers spend limited time on reporting and more time on performing their tasks.”

Sertica is used across the maintenance, procurement and safety department, which creates a positive synergy at Euronav. Compared to the previous system, many new features have been added, which means that the users need training to operate Sertica optimally.

Roussou said, “One thing is the training of the system, another is deciding internal processes and workflows. Sometimes the system needs to adjust to our processes and other times it may be more efficient if we adjust our procedures to the system.”




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