by Krispen Atkinson, David Walker & Andrew McAlpine,


This book provides a snapshot of some of the events that occurred in the shipping industry during 2017 including ownership changes, notable deliveries, demolitions and losses. Changes within fleets are illustrated, including the transfer of ships within the Hyundai Merchant Marine fleet and the sale of the Brazilian container ship operator Mercosul Line. The year saw the title of the world’s largest container ship change three times, as the latest generation of ships entered service. The AIDAPERLA and MSC SEASIDE are amongst the cruise ships which entered service through the year, which are illustrated. In other sectors, new ro-ro’s, general cargo ships entering the fleet, such as Cobelfret’s CELINE and the EGBERT WAGENBORG raised the bar in their corresponding markets. Alongside high-profile incidents of the year, such as the grounding of the container ships KEA TRADER and CSCL JUPITER which gained high media interest, some lesser known incidents including the sinking of the coastal tanker AGIA ZONI II and SOUTHERN PHOENIX are covered. The year saw delivery of the UK’s aircraft carrier QUEEN ELIZABETH, the German Navy rejecting the first F-125 class frigate and the Peruvian Navy decommissioning the last gun-cruiser in service. In December the disappearance of the Argentine submarine SAN JUAN triggered an international search effort. The story of this interesting year is told using a selection of high quality photographs supported by informative deep captions.

Available from or WSS, 274 Seven Sisters Road, Willingdon, Eastbourne, BN22 0QW United Kingdom, price £10 to members (quoting membership number) or £15 to non-members plus P & P £1.64 (UK), £4.90 (Europe) & £4.85 (RoW). Payment may be made by GBP cheque or credit card. For the latter please state whether Visa or Mastercard and quote card number, exact name on card, card expiry date, card validation number and address of cardholder. 4 softback, 100 pages, 186 colour photos





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