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Founded in 1947, the World Ship Society has some 2,000 members worldwide who are interested in ships, past and present. Its monthly journal “Marine News” and its naval companion ”Warships” are bywords for accurate information.

A MARITIME REVIEW OF 2016 by Krispen Atkinson, David Walker & Andrew McAlpine , A4 softback, 76 pages, 144 colour & 2 B & W photos This book provides a snapshot of the events that occurred in the shipping industry during 2016 including ownership collapses, notable deliveries, demolitions and losses. One of the biggest stories of that year was the collapse of South Korean shipping giant Hanjin, which led to hundreds of ships lying idle whilst finance was sorted to allow the ships to dock and discharge their cargoes. In Europe a number of short-sea operators disappeared. With the slump in the oil industry, offshore exploration was at a low while the fleet was larger than ever. Hundreds of offshore support vessels were placed in lay-up worldwide and others were scrapped. A number of rigs also made their way to the demolition yards, while those under construction have been delayed deliberately. The year saw the oldest active aircraft carrier retired by the Indian Navy, while the USN inducted a new class of destroyer and expended some retired frigates as targets. The story of this turbulent year is told by a selection of high quality photographs supported by informative deep captions.

Available from or WSS, 274 Seven Sisters Road, Willingdon, Eastbourne, BN22 0QW United Kingdom, price £10 to members (quoting membership number) or £15 to non-members plus P & P £1.50 (UK), £5 (Europe) & £5.50 (RoW). Payment may be made by GBP cheque or credit card. For the latter please state whether Visa or Mastercard and quote card number, exact name on card, card expiry date, card validation number and address

MEMBERSHIP - annual membership of the World Ship Society (includes 12 digital copies of “Marine News” and digital Supplements per annum) costs £24 (£20 outside UK and EU). Get a trial digital copy of ‘Marine News’ by e-mailing your name and address to: or write to the Membership Secretary, World Ship Society, 17 Birchdale Road, Appleton, Warrington, Cheshire WA4 5AR (UK)



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