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“The Shipmaster’s Business Self-Examiner”

BO E K B E S P R E K I N G by : Frank NEYTS

The Nautical Institute recently published an updated edition of the book entitled “The Shipmaster’s Business Self-Examiner”. Author is Malcolm Maclachlan FNI. The tenth edition of this popular guide has been completely revised and expanded to take account of the latest changes to maritime regulations and procedures. It is an invaluable reference for all who need to understand the fundamentals of business and law as they affect the day-to-day management of a commercial ship. Designed primarily as a study aid for Master’s Orals, the book is also used by OOW and Chief Mate students and has drawn the praises of many successful Orals candidates in the UK and overseas. Addressing candidates in the foreword to the book, the MCA’s former Chief Examiner, Claude Hamilton, wrote: “You have to be well prepared and able to show the examiner that you are competent.” Careful study of “The Shipmaster’s Business Self-Examiner” will ensure that the candidate is indeed well prepared and can face the MCA examiner with confidence. More than 4,200 questions and answers are set out in nine logically arranged sections, covering Maritime treaty instruments, The flag state and its laws, The shipowner, manager and operator, The ship, Master and crew, The ship’s employment, Marine insurance, At sea and In port.The author, Malcolm Maclachlan FNI, is a former Shipmaster and ex-maritime college lecturer with more than 25 years’ experience in preparing students for MCA examinations. “The Shipmaster’s Business Self-Examiner” (ISBN 978-906915-35-3-7) is issued as an A4-softback and counts 373 pages. The book costs £60. The book can be bought from the better bookshop, or one can contact The Nautical Institute, 202 Lambeth Road, London, SE1 7LQ, UK. Tel. +44.(0)20.7928.1351, Fax +44.(0)20.7401.2817, , Web: .



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