“Diving for Treasure”

B O E K B E S P R E K I N G door : Frank NEYTS

Recently Whittles Publishing released a maritime title, “Diving for Treasure”, written by Vic Verlinden and Stefan Panis.

Diving for Treasure” recounts the efforts over many years to dive wrecks that contained treasure in one form or another. The often prolonged and sometimes dangerous expeditions tell of dives to many ships that were wrecked while carrying tons of gold or other valuables. Many of the wrecks came to lie at great depths which demanded considerable diving expertise using rebreathers which allowed longer dives to be performed.

The authors are both diving experts and in addition to the accounts and historical pictures their own photography has been added, conveying to readers the challenges of the dives undertaken.

The technical demands were considerable, from adjusting the camera housing to accommodate the depth, to diving at particular times of the year due to many of the wrecks being situated in areas of high seas and extreme currents.

It took several years to visit and photograph the wrecks that are featured and the challenges of diving in what can be a dangerous environment are also described. Each entry provides details and a brief history of the vessel and the means of its demise, enhanced by a modern diving account with photographs. As such this liberally illustrated book will be of great interest to all divers whether active of armchair, and to anyone with an interest in maritime/military history.

“Diving for Treasure” (ISBN 978-1-84995-325-2) is issued as a paperback. The book counts 142 pages and costs £18.99 or $24.95. The book can be ordered via every good book shop, or directly with the publisher, Whittles Publishing, Dunbeath Mill, Dunbeath, Cairness IKW6 6EG, Scotland (UK), e-mail: ,




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