“The Aircraft Carrier HIRYU”

B O E K B E S P R E K I N G  by : Frank NEYTS

In the series ‘Anatomy of the Ship’ Osprey Publishing issued the splendid book “The Aircraft Carrier HIRYU”. Stefan Draminski signed as the author. Superbly illustrated with full-colour artwork of the ship through its career, a complete set of detailed line drawings, internal reconstructions of deck layouts, and 30 illustrations of every detail of the ship from its rigging to its aircraft to its anchors, this book recreates and dissects one of the most prominent carriers of the early Pacific War. Built in the late 1939s, HIRYU took part in the attack on Pearl Harbor and most of the operations of Japan’s triumphant first months of the war, before being sunk at Midway.

Drawing on Stefan Draminski’s new research and making the best use yet of his acclaimed 3D illustration techniques, this is the most comprehensive examination of HIRYU ever published. The detail in the illustrations is explained by fully descriptive keys, and supported by technical details, photographs, and a concise history of the ship’s construction and service.

A superb new addition to the Anatomy of the Ship series, suitable for modelmakers, ship enthusiasts and naval historians.


The Aircraft Carrier HIRYU” (ISBN 978 1 4728 4026 4) a hardback, counts 336 pages and is lavishly illustrated and costs £45 ,P&P exclusive. One can buy the book in the better bookshop or direct with the publishers: Via the Osprey web site:




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