Güterströme der Welt

B O E K B E S P R E K I N G  By : Frank NEYTS

Recently the German Koehler Verlagsgesellschaft released a maritime title, “Gütersröme der Welt – The Global Cargo Flows”, written by Eberhard Petzold and Sebastian Meissner.. Coffee from South America, oil from Saudi Arabia, electronics from China, corn from North America: ships supply us daily with goods from around the world. Every year, 45.000 merchant ships transport almost seven billion tons of goods all over the world. On their travels, the ships cross different oceans, cultures, time zones, and climates. Merchant ships are the lifeblood of globalization. Eberhard Petzold and Sebastion Meissner’s spectacular photos and entertaining texts show how goods travel from overseas to Germany, giving readers an inside view of life on board container ships, tankers, and bulk carriers.

Highly recommended !

“Güterströme der Welt” (ISBN 978-3-7822-1278-6) is issued as a hardback. The book, beautifully illustrated, counts 240 pages and costs 29.95 euro . The text is in German and English. The book can be ordered via every good book shop, or directly with the publisher, Koehlers Verlaggesellschaft mbH Hamburg, Georgsplatz 1, D-20099 Hamburg. E-mail:



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