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“Ship Knowledge”

B O E K B E S P R E K I N G by : Frank NEYTS

Dokmar Maritime Publishers BV in Holland recently issued the 9th edition of its most popular title “Ship Knowledge” written by Klaas Van Dokkum. The contents of the book has been completely updated. ‘Ship Knowledge’ is the book that tells you all about ships and shipping. The parts and systems which together form a modern ship are dealt with, from design drafts up to finished construction, including paint systems and legal aspects. Detailed description of the various subjects as well as the use of many drawings, cross-sections drawings and pictures, all in full colour, make the book perfect readable for everybody interested in shipping. After reading the book you will no longer think of a ship as a deas object, but consider it a completely self-supporting entity embodying all the modern techniques also to be found in a small town. An indispensable book for anyone interested in modern shipping! Considering the ever growing number of foreign crew on board European vessels and in the offshore industry with consequently a growing demand for English language readers and text-books. ‘Ship Knowledge’ will certainly prove to be an asset, not only for use at nautical colleges, but as a work of reference for everyone employed afloat nowadays. “Ship Knowlegde” (ISBN 978 90 71500 32 9), a 400 page hardback publication costs 69.50 euro, incl. P&P. It can be bought in the specialized bookshop or direct with the publisher, Dokmar Maritime Publishers BV, PO Box 5052, 4380KB Vlissingen, The Netherlands. Phone +31(0)612.3506150, Fax +31(0)228.326707, e-mail: , website



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