“Leith-Built Ships. Vol 2”


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A new title from Whittles Publishing reads ‘Leith-Built Ship. Volume 2. Leith Shipyards 1918-1939’. Ron Neish signed as the author.‘Leith-Built Ships’ is a testimony to the skill of the men who built the ships and to the many men en women who may have sailed or served on them. This history is brought together in a four-volume series about Leith’s rich maritime heritage and is the culmination of the author’s lifetime experience of shipbuilding.

This second volume includes some very famous ships with tales of adventure and new trade routes, also sadness – the launch and then the loss of the largest sailing ship ever built in a British shipyard, the five-masted auxiliary sailing barque Kobenhavn. It recounts the days when shipbuilding should have flourished and into the tough times of the Great Depression.

The fortunes of the three main shipyards are followed through good times to eventual closure or assimilation by the man who would open up the shipyard that took his name. Henry Robb Ltd, shipbuilders and engineers, began without a yard, but eventually took over firstly the old S&H Morton Shipyard, now occupied by Hawthorns & Co. Ltd. that gave Robb control of Victoria Shipyard. A few years later he would take over the Cran & Somerville yard, before acquiring the plant and goodwill of the Ramage & Ferguson Shipyard – the cream of the Leith shipyards

Leith Shipyards 1918-1939 continues the chronological story begun in Volume 1 and provides a fascinating illustrated story that reveals the remarkable and ongoing story of shipbuilding for which Scotland and the UK were renowned.

Leith-Built Ships Vol. 2” (ISBN 978-1-84995-481-5) is issued as a paperback. The book counts 158 pages and costs £16.99 or $22.95. The book can be ordered via every good book shop, or directly with the publisher, Whittles Publishing, Dunbeath Mill, Dunbeath, Cairness IKW6 6EG, Scotland (UK),




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