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Ship Navigation

B O E K B E S P R E K I N G by : Frank NEYTS

Dokmar Maritime Publishers BV in Holland recently issued some interesting maritime titles. One of these is ‘Ship Navigation”, written by Börje Wallin. ‘Ship Navigation’ deals with the problems facing a navigator and the methods appropriate to overcoming these in order to reach the destination without hitting shoals or shores. Part of the problem will be “Where am I?” and “In which direction should I steer?”. Subsumed under these main topics are a host of other problems, such as how to unearth nautical information, how to develop skill in handling electronic navigational instruments and how to understand their sources of error. Monitoring that the ship’s track follows the Voyage Plan is given considerable attention. Last but not least is a continuous emphasis on the need to develop and maintain “situational awareness”: In fact, this is often one of the greatest challenges facing the navigator! ‘Ship Navigation’ provides a description of the practice of modern “terrestrial navigation”and instrumentation, including satellite navigation as well as the use of the compass, radar, echo-sounder, log and visual techniques. Highly recommended.

“Ship Navigation” (ISBN 978 90 71500 34 3), a 304 page hardback publication costs 56 euro, incl. P&P. It can be bought in the specialized bookshop or direct with the publisher, Dokmar Maritime Publishers BV, PO Box 5052, 4380KB Vlissingen, The Netherlands. Phone +31(0)6123506150, Fax +31(0)228.326707, e-mail: , website



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