“Teignmouth and its Ships”.

B O O K R E V I E W by : Frank NEYTS


Recently Mainline and Maritime Ltd published “Teignmouth and its Ships” written by David Fletcher. Teignmouth is a popular seaside resort situated on the South Devon coast of England. Here the River Teign completes its journey from the high ground of Dartmoor to the English Channel. Since the Middle Ages the estuary of the River Teign has provided safe shelter and and an opportunity for maritime trade including the export of locally quarried minerals. This trade has continued into the 21st Century and Teignmouth is still a busy port with around 150 ships calling each year.

“Teignmout and its Ships”, written by David Fletcher, tells the story of the port and the ships calling Teignmouth.

Special attention goes to the cruise ships which anchored on the roads due to the halt to cruise business due to the Covid19 pandemic. A most interesting publication, informative and lavishly illustrated!

Teignmouth and its Ships” (ISBN 9 781900 340977) is a softback book of 96 pages, well illustrated with many colour photographs. The price is £18.95 plus £1.89 UK postage or £6.00 overseas postage. Ordering directly via the publisher, Mainline and Maritime Ltd, 3 Broadleaze, Upper Seagry, Chippenham SN15 5EY400, UK. Alternatively it can be purchased at all good bookshops.




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