“Japanese Combined Fleet 1941-42”

B O E K B E S P R E K I N G door : Frank NEYTS

Osprey Publishing issued a most interesting book “Japanese Combined Fleet 1941-42. The IJN at its zenith, Pearl Harbor to Midway”. The book is written by Mark Stille and illustrated by Jim Laurier.

The Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) entered the Pacific War as one of the most formidable navies in the world, and its combat power was concentrated into one force, the Combined Fleet. In the months that followed Pearl Harbor it enjoyed an unrivaled string of victories, shattering American, British, Australian and Dutch naval forces. This period of expansion and constant success ended at the Battle of Midway, after which the Combined Fleet was forced onto the defensive.

In this book, Mark Stille draws on his decades of IJN research to explain what made the Combined Fleet the fighting force that is was. Packed with superb original artwork, explanatory 3D diagrams and maps, it examines the fleet’s doctrine, innovative tactics and powerful warships, alongside the importance of leadership, logistics, naval infrastructure, and Japan’s shipbuilding capability. It also gives an account and analysis of the IJN’s combat performance during these crucial months – not just in the famous carrier battles, but also in terms of lesser-known elements such as amphibious forces and land-based aviation.

Like all publications of Osprey Publishing, a most interesting book !

Japanese Combined Fleet 1941-42” (ISBN 978 1 4728 5643 2), a softback, counts 80 pages and costs £15.99 or USD 23.00, Can$ 31.00, P&P exclusive.
One can buy the book in the better bookshop or direct with the publishers: Via the Osprey website:




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