Handling Ships in First-Year Ice

by : Frank NEYTS

The Nautical Institute recently published a second edition of the book entitled “Handling Ships in First-Year Ice”, written by Johan Buysse MM MSc MNI. First-year ice remains a major obstacle for commercial traffic, limiting vessel’s speed and manoeuvrability. Ice has the potential to damage ships’ propellers, main engines, rudders and hull plating, and creates a greater risk of collision with structures and other vessels. Handling ships in ice demands specialist knowledge and skills. This well-illustrated book provides practical guidance on handling class 1A and 1AS ships in first-year ice conditions. The author uses his wide experience of operating ice class vessels in the North Atlantic and the Baltic to equip the reader with a good understanding of the risks that ice can pose. This new edition takes into account the Polar Code (introduced in 2017), increased shipping traffic in ice-affected waters and ports, improved communications and new methods of detecting ice. The book has been enhanced with new illustrations and more detail on the phenomenon of icing.
“Handling Ships in First-Year Ice” (ISBN 978-1-906915-55-1), 102 pages, is issued as a softback. The book can be bought from the better bookshop, or one can contact The Nautical Institute, 202 Lambeth Road, London, SE1 7LQ, UK. Tel. +44.(0)20.7928.1351, Fax +44.(0)20.7401.2817, , Web: .




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