“Significant Small Ships of 2020”

B O O K R E V I E W by : Frank NEYTS

In July 2021, The Royal Institution of Naval Architects published the 22nd edition of its annual Significant Small Ships journal, profiling approximately 26 first-in-class, innovative and/or unique vessels sized between 5-100m and delivered during 2020. The publication assess entries from across the globe, with featured vessels ranging from yachts and small recreational craft to fast ferries, patrol boats, workboats, CTVs, AUVs, tugs and even tankers. Approximately 3,000 copies are distributed worldwide, sold through bookshops and RINA. As part of a well-established series, highly regarded by the marine industry, SignificantSmall Ships of 2020 will offer the ideal opportunity to promote your involvement in the marine sector to an audience of vessel owners, operators, builders, designers and equipment manufacturers.

Significant Small Ships of 2020” include a wide cross-section of vessel types, focusing on deliveries that stand out from the pack. Each two-page ship presentation includes: a concise technical description of the vessel; an extensive set of technical particulars (such as ship dimensions, engines, propulsion units and bridge systems); a detailed general arrangement plan; and a colour photo of the featured vessel.


Significant Small Ships of 2020”, a softback of 70 pages, lavishly illustrated, can be ordered with The Royal Institution of Naval Architects (RINA), 8-9 Northumberland Street, London WC2N 5DA. Tel +44(0)20 7235 4622. Fax: . Website . Also available via the better bookshop




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